Main research areas

We are interested in life history evolution in general, and our current research is focused around two connected themes:

(1) Evolution of inheritance systems (phenotypic plasticity, parental and epigenetic inheritance) during adaptation to heterogeneous environments

(2) The role of life-history trade-offs during the evolution of long lifespan

We investigate these questions using experimental evolution, artificial selection, pharmaceutical and genetic manipulations in the powerful  Caenorhabditis remanei and C. elegans nematode model systems. Through external collaborations we also study adaptation in nature (using amphibians and Daphnia)

The Nematode Lab

We are part of the well-equipped Nematode Lab at the Dept. of Animal Ecology, led by three collaborating PIs (Dr. Lind, Dr. Bolund and Dr. Maklakov), all interested in experimental evolutionary biology and working in areas such as life-history evolution, transgenerational inheritance, sexual selection and ageing.