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Two year postdoc scholarship available! See advert, deadline February 4!

Potential M. Sc, student research projects, internships and research training

We are happy to supervise any scientifically exciting project that falls broadly within our research interests. Because of their short life and established methodology, nematodes are ideal for collecting high-quality, publishable data during the time-frame of a typical student project.

Some general areas that are very suitable for projects are:
– The cost of long life: fitness consequences of lifespan extension using genetic or pharmaceutical manipulation of target genetic pathways
– The evolution of phenotypic plasticity and bet-hedging, using experimental evolution
– Life-history evolution during adaptation to climate change
– The long-term costs of juvenile catch-up growth

Please contact Martin Lind if you are interested to do a project in the lab!


Post-doctoral opportunities

There are several Swedish (e.g. VRWenner-GrenSwedish InstituteCarl Tryggers) funding bodies that can provide fellowships for young researchers who wish to conduct a post-doc in Sweden. Some of these rely on Sweden-based PI to submit an application; others require a perspective post doc to submit one. Drop me a line if you are thinking about applying and your research interests are broadly similar to ours.

Evolutionary Biology Centre in Uppsala University is probably the largest conglomeration of evolutionary biologists in Europe, situated in a largely ‘student‘ town (there is also another university, SLU) – therefore, it provides a multitude of opportunities for collaboration as well as socializing.