Martin Lind

PI, Assistant Professor
Ph. D. Umeå University, Sweden
M. Sc. University of Aberdeen, UK

Martin is a VR funded Junior Research Fellow (2017-) with a broad interest in life history evolution, especially the adaptation to environmental heterogeneity, plasticity, epigenetic inheritance and the evolution of ageing.



Foteini Spagopoulou

Visiting researcher
Ph.D. Uppsala University, Sweden
M. Sc. Uppsala Uni., Sweden; LMU, Germany; Montpellier 2 Uni., France (MEME)
B. Sc. University of Athens, Greece

Foteini joined the lab in the autumn 2018 for a research visit, and is investigating life-history consequences of early-life stress. For her doctoral thesis, Foteini worked on the role of condition-dependence in the expression and evolution of ageing in both natural and laboratory populations. Her study questions focused on the consequences of early-life environmental effects on life-history trade-offs, and she is now working on related questions in the nematode system.


Zuzana Sekajová

Ph. D. student
M. Sc. Masyrak University, Czech Republic
B. Sc. Masyrak University, Czech Republic

Zuzana started her Ph. D. position in spring 2017, and is investigating the evolution of inheritance system using experimental evolution in C. remanei, focusing on the evolution of epigenetic inheritance, plasticity and bet-hedging. She also investigates life history evolution and trade-offs in both C. remanei and C. elegans.





Former lab members

Elena Rosa

Ph.D. University of Helsinki, Finland
M. Sc. University of Padova, Italy
B. Sc. University of Padova, Italy

Elena joined the lab in  2018-2019, to study the evolution of inheritance system using experimental evolution in C. remanei, as well as life-history consequences of early environmental stress. Previously, Elena worked on the ecological factors shaping life-history traits in the Glanville fritillary butterfly, with emphasis on ecological immunology. Her former study questions focused on life-history trade-offs by means of phenotypic plasticity, and she adressed similar questions on an evolutionary scale.


Panagiotis-Ioannis Zervakis

Project student

Panagiotis is doing an M.Sc. in Biology at Uppsala University, and joined the lab during the autumn 2018 for a research training project on compensatory growth in C. elegans.




Manon Tourniaire-Blum

Project student

Manon was doing a 12 weeks research project in the lab during the summer of 2018, where she investigated adaptation to heterogeneous environments using experimental evolution lines of C. remanei. The internship in our lab was part of her studies at École Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie de Toulouse (ENSAT – the National School of Agriculture and Engineering of Toulouse).





Hanne Carlsson

Master student
M. Sc. Uppsala University, Sweden
B. Sc. Uppsala University, Sweden

Hanne did a Master project in 2017, studying the role of parental age effects for lifespan and ageing by experimental evolution in C. elegans. The project was a collaboration between our lab and the Maklakov lab.

Hanne has now taken up a position as Research Associate at the University of East Anglia, UK.




Sanjana Ravindran

Project student (M. Sc.)
B. Tech. VIT University, India

Sanjana was taking an Erasmus Mundus International Master (IMIM) in Innovative Medicine, and performed two projects in the lab during 2017, where she investigated fitness consequences of lifespan extension by combining life-history assays with manipulations of target genetic pathways in C. elegans. The project was a collaboration between our lab and the Maklakov lab.

Sanjana is now doing a Ph.D. at the University of Edinburgh, UK.